One of the most defining aspects of a company is their logo. It separates you from the rest and leaves a personal image in the minds of your guests and consumers. We at Statues Alive appreciate the pride attached to your logo. That is why we combine the creativity and detail of your logo with the sensual appeal of the human body to bring your company logo to life. We can replicate virtually any logo, picture or text including clothing. Most surfaces can be also be reproduced allowing for a human body to be painted into an environment, for instance against a wall or painting.

Our living statues offer several unique features:
  • Their eloquent silence is able to transcend any language barrier
  • Rather than enter your guests' space our entertainment can be appreciated from afar at the will of the viewer

For well over a decade audiences around the world and on TV have been amazed by our living statues.They provide an exciting addition to any corporate function. A refreshing break from the norm. The shock that comes from guests when the once frozen statue flexes a pec or subtly moves a hand, is truly electrifying.
Let your imagination soar ! Perhaps you have not envisioned utilizing this powerful yet alluring form of entertainment and decor at your function. Here are some possibilities for you to consider:
  • trade shows
  • award galas
  • openings
  • promotions
  • weddings
  • fashion shows
  • world expos
  • banquets